vegan and cruelty free statement


Nim, at its heart, is against animal testing and cruelty of any kind. We will never purchase from suppliers that test on animals in any way, and we ourselves, of course, do not and will not. 

We do not use ingredients that are from animal origin. Our products are vegan friendly, with all our emulsifiers in our products coming from plant and vegetable origin. Of course we do not test, nor have we ever tested on animals.

 we do not test any of our products on animals and never have, we prefer to rely on our knowledge of essential oils, ingredients, plants, flowers and established technical information and professionals to ensure effective and safe products. 

We believe there is already a “safe” and known group of product ingredients used in the cosmetics industry which leave enough scope to be creative and innovative in product formulation without the need for anymore animal testing on new experimental ingredients.

Our team of human volunteers are the only form of testing which we carry out.

Our suppliers each also agree to not to carry out animal testing on the products and ingredients we purchase. We have a self-imposed cut-off date of 2006 (this was the date our cosmetic formulations came into being) although in reality our suppliers normally have animal testing dates far in excess of this or have never tested at all.

In summary:

  • We do not conduct any form of animal testing.
  • We do not commission any form of animal testing from a third party.

In addition to our standard policy, it is also our policy to ensure that no company that purchase our products either in "bulk raw" form or in finished product conducts any form of animal testing.

If we find that a company is involved in animal testing in anyway that purchases from us, then we will cease supply immediately. It is a term and condition that by purchasing from us you will not involve yourself or your company in any form any violation of this will be dealt with as per any violation of our terms and conditions.

We are looking forward to being able to be certified by the vegan society, and the leaping bunny program, however these certifications are simply not within our budget as a small business but will become a priority as soon as we become able.