Zero Waste.

There are many brands that claim to be Zero Waste. However, these brands still use plastic. They market their products as ‘Eco Friendly’, ‘Sustainable’, and ‘Zero Waste’ – but only because they use materials that can be recycled.

However – just because they can be recycled, doesn’t mean they will be recycled. Only 9% of the world’s plastic has EVER been recycled. Read that again. Britain imports so much wine that recycled green glass is simply used as construction aggregate; recycling it consumes more energy than just sending the bottles to a landfill.

Although all my packaging can be recycled, I believe that this should be avoided. Everything is plastic free, from the jars and lids, to the labels, to the postage boxes and packing materials. My mission is to reuse everything before even considering recycling. So, how have I made this company Zero Waste?

If you ordered online

You will have been sent your order in a cardboard box with recycled paper tape, and straw packing to keep everything safe. When you receive it, please keep it! Tuck it away somewhere safe until you need it again. When you’re done with your jars or bottles, just pop them back in the box and post them to:

Nim Cosmetics

5 The Furlong

Berry Hill Industrial Estate



(This should cost £3 or less through Royal Mail)

When I receive the parcel, I will email you a personalised code for free shipping on your next order. I then sterilise the jars and bottles and reuse the postage boxes so absolutely nothing goes to waste.

If you purchased from a shop

If you’ve purchased from one of my lovely stockists, simply return the jar to where you bought it from (or any stockist you’d like). If you’ve bought online but live close to one of my stockists, please feel free to leave your postage box with them too. They all get returned to me in bulk, and you will get a discount on your next instore purchase.

Thank you again for helping to reduce your plastic consumption, and for reducing the need for landfill.

Alice x

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